Young Person

If you have worries or need some advice, we can help.

All children and young people have a right to feel safe and be protected from harm and abuse.

Children and Young People may be hurt by an adult or another young person in many ways.

Abuse can be any of the following:

  • Physical Injury - being hit, kicked or punched.
  • Physical Neglect - not being properly fed or clothed, or cared for.
  • Sexual Abuse - inappropriate sexual behaviour or language.
  • Emotional Abuse - constantly criticised, ignored or humiliated. 

If something is worrying you or making you scared and you're not sure if it's abuse, talk to someone you trust.

 image The UK's national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide (up to 35 years of age)  If you are being bullied


Young people can find what is happening in their local area


Guide to internet safety and safe surfing about birth control, pregnancy and relations (young people only)




Support Helplines

Childline logo

Did you know you can contact Childline at any time, about anything? You can contact them in many ways - by text, email, have an online chat with a counsellor, leave a message on the message board, or "Ask Sam" - who you can send your questions to, and have a look through the answers on issues like school, bullying, family, sex and many more. For further information visit their website