Parent or Carer

What to do if you have concerns about a child or young person's welfare and safety

If you think it is an emergency, call the Police on 999 or your local Social Work Office (numbers listed on the left). 

Children and Young People have a right to be protected and be safe from harm from others.  We all have a responsibility to make sure that all our children live safely.  Families, neighbours, professionals and members of communities play a vital role in protecting children.  Most children in our society grow up in a safe protected environment, but sadly the minority do not, and need extra help from adults to keep them safe.

What we will do

We will take your call seriously and gather further information to help us decide what to do next.  Our next steps may be to:

  • Offer family support
  • Refer the child and family to another agency for support
  • Where child protection concerns are identified an investigation will start
  • Take no further action

NSPCC logoThe NSPCC offers help and advice for parents on their website on lots of topics such as keeping your child safe, online safety, talking about sex, and positive parenting tips

Visit the NSPCC website

What if you and your child have been involved in a child protection investigation?

If you and your child have recently been involved in a child protection investigation you may be feeling worried or confused.

You might also find it useful to speak to someone such as a Social Worker, Teacher or Health Visitor. 

If, following a child protection investigation, or at any point, you are still worried about your child, tell someone.  You can talk to a teacher, your Health Visitor or GP, or a Social Worker.

Alternatively, if your child has been involved in any minor offences or is involved in any criminal investigation find out more about our Early and Effective Intervention initiative and how it may help you and your child.

Agencies are there to try and make sure your child is safe and support you where possible to ensure this.

Family Lives is a national charity providing help and support in all aspects of family lives

Citizen's Advice Scotland offers advice and information

The Scottish Children's Reporter Administration (SCRA) is a national body focused on children most at risk

Scottish Women's Aid is the lead organisation in Scotland working towards the prevention of domestic abuse

For advice on how you can protect your child online

Publications and Leaflets for Parents