Help for Older People

 Older people can get support in their homes or community including support for household and daily life, following a spell in hospital, or in a care home. Our services are offered to people older people in our communities who are assessed against our eligibility criteria as having the greatest need of support.

If you think any of the services listed would help you or someone you care for, please contact us on 01546 605517 or by using our online contact form.  If you are looking for advice or services for older people who do not live in Argyll and Bute, contact Care Information Scotland for help and advice.

The Assessment process

We will assess your needs to decide if we can offer care and support using eligibility criteria. We have to give priority to people who are at most risk for example, critical or significant  risk of you losing your independence if your needs are not met. If we assess your needs as moderate or low we will suggest other organisations that can offer help and advice. Their services can help you improve your ability to undertake tasks on your own and maintain your independence.

Getting help in your home

If you are looking for additional support to continue living at home safely and independently, try our getting help at home page for the way we can help.

Self Directed Support

Self Directed Support gives you and your family more choice and control over your care and we will work with you to create a flexible and individual care package that meets your needs. You can get support to live in your own home, such as help with having a bath or getting washed and dressed. Out of the home it could support you to go to college, to continue in employment or take a job, or to enjoy leisure pursuits.

Telecare - Alarm Service and Aids/adaptations for your home

The Telecare Alarm Service is available to any Argyll & Bute resident who is assessed as being at risk in their home due to age and / or disability and / or social circumstances. The Telecare service provides a full time alarm service in your home, as well as other sensors such as smoke, heat and flood detectors, and other aids and adaptations to ensure you can stay safely in your home.

Care Homes in Argyll and Bute

Care homes provide 24 hour care services including support with all personal care. Information on where the care homes are in Argyll and Bute, how to get in touch, what services they provide and the charges is available on the Care Homes information page.

Care at Home Services

We can provide or arrange care at home services for people who need assistance with activities of daily living that will enable them to remain in their own home.

Care Information Scotland

Care Information Scotland is a telephone and online service available in Scotland for people seeking information about community care services for older people. The helpline is available on 0800 011 3200 between 8 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week.

Dementia Support

Argyll and Bute Community Dementia Teams provide support for people living with dementia, and their families and carers, such as help to manage symptoms, help to manage day to day activities, and access to local support groups and day centres.

Blue Badges / Disabled parking badges scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme provides a national arrangement of parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties who travel either as drivers or passengers, people who are registered blind, and people with very severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand.

The scheme is designed to help severely disabled people to travel independently, as either a driver or a passenger, by allowing them to park close to their destination, and to use the parking spaces set aside for disabled people, and park in paid parking zones for longer periods of time.

Concessionary travel passes

People over the age of 60 qualify for free Scotland-wide bus travel under a National Entitlement Card scheme run jointly by the Scottish Government and local authorities, by applying for a National Entitlement Card (travel / bus pass).