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The documents here are all related to the new Getting It Right For Every Child Practice delivery model.   If you have attended the Named Person / Lead Professional training you will be familiar with these and may have received some of the items directly.  However, there are additional items that have been added and we will continue to update this page as necessary.

All documents are in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint or PDF format.  If you have further questions, need some advice or would like to talk anything through please get in touch with one of your local GIRFEC Advisers.  You can also contact Patricia Renfrew or Louise Lawson.  We would also be interested in hearing from practitioners regarding what might be helpful to include in this section in future. 

Contact Details

Patricia Renfrew - Consultant Nurse, Children and Families
Phone: 01700 501544

Louise Lawson - Education Manager
Phone: 01631 567894