Fostering and adoption

How to contact the team to find out more about fostering and adoption
Who can foster, what allowances and support are available, how the process works and more
Read our FAQs on fostering to get the answers to some common questions
Adopting young or older children, inter- country adoption, step parent adoption, support for parents and more
Contact details for some external services that provide fostering and adoption information

Children need chancesIf after visiting the site you want further information, the contact details for the Family Placement Team workers are provided on the “Who to Contact” page.  The information provided on this site is intended to give an insight into adoption and fostering in Argyll & Bute, but more specific information is available by contacting a member of the Team who will be more than willing to help with your questions.

It is a huge step considering adoption or fostering and we appreciate that we have not covered every detail so please do not hesitate to contact us.