Child Trafficking

Child Trafficking is the movement of children for the purpose of exploitation. It is a form of child abuse and modern day slavery. 

“Many professionals who work with children do not believe that child trafficking is a problem in their authority; rather, child trafficking is to be a problem in large cities and less developed countries. Evidence shows this is not true. Boys and girls of all ages are trafficked into and throughout the UK from all over the world and exploited for many different purposes including sexual exploitation, forced labour, benefit fraud and criminal enterprise (such as the cultivation of cannabis and street crime). By its very nature, child trafficking is a hidden and covert crime.” - Strategic Threat Assessment of Child Trafficking in the UK (CEOP 2010)

The trafficking of children is a growing concern in Scotland, and cases of child trafficking have been identified in neighbouring authorities.

In response Argyll & Bute Child Protection Committee have held a series of awareness raising briefings across the authority and have produced an information leaflet to give local guidance on identifying and responding to child trafficking concerns.

The Argyll & Bute Child Trafficking Guidance offer further information.

The following pages will give you further information about Child Trafficking, including identifying concerns, and what to do if you believe a child may have been trafficked.

Useful publications and websites

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