We can help you

Remember you have a right to be safe and to be listened to and taken seriously.  If you do not feel safe SPEAK TO SOMEONE who can help you.

All children and young people have the right to feel safe and be protected from harm and abuse.

If you are worried or need help please talk to an adult you trust, such as your mum, dad or other relative.

If the person you speak to does not listen to you or does not take you seriously, or is not able to help you TALK TO US.

Speak to:

  • Your teacher

  • A social worker

  • Your doctor or school nurse

  • A police officer

CHILDLINE 0800 1111 SOCIAL WORK 01546 605517

Support helplines

In an emergency if you or another young person need help please contact the police or social work right away and tell whoever answers the phone that this CHILD PROTECTION and you need HELP NOW.

Childline logo

Did you know you can contact Childline at any time, about anything? You can contact them in many ways - by text, email, have an online chat with a counsellor, leave a message on the message board, or "Ask Sam" - who you can send your questions to, and have a look through the answers on issues like school, bullying, family, and many more. For further information visit their website

You have the right to be safe and protected

Leaflet for childrenWe have a leaflet, which you can read or download here, which tells you about what happens when someone is worried about you, and social workers get involved to try to help you. The leaflet explains what happens when social workers or the police want to speak to you, and gives you numbers to call if you need someone to talk to.