Planning for Children and Young People: A practitioners guide to chairing Child’s Plan meetings

'Planning for Children and Young People' is a learning resource developed for professionals who may be Named Persons or Lead Professionals with responsibility for chairing single or multi-agency Universal Child’s Plan meetings within the context of GIRFEC.

This resource has two components - a downloadable film and a pack of accompanying written materials. The film and the pack use the same system of section headings to allow users to easily access related information in both. This resource should be used in conjunction with GIRFEC guidance to ensure your Universal Child’s Plan meetings are conducted in line with national and local policies, procedures, and Universal Child’s Plan documentation.

The Pack 

The downloadable pack provides: detailed information around issues raised in the film along with a range of tools, prompt sheets and checklists to help you chair meetings, as well as some helpful messages from children and young people.

The Film

This downloadable film contains: pointers, hints and tips from experienced practitioners on what helps them to lead successful meetings.  This includes Information on the benefits of using solution focused approaches and details of how to make meetings solution focused.  (If you find you cannot open the film clips because they are 'blocked' on your machine, contact the IT Service Desk and ask to have 'Youtube' unblocked.)

Section 1: Skills and qualities of a good chair

Section 2: Before the meeting

Section 3: Chairing the meeting

Section 4: After the meeting 


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