Appearing in Court

I have been accused of an offence and must appear in Court – what should I do?

If you have been charged by the Police, under certain circumstances you may be given an opportunity by the Procurator Fiscal (PF) to avoid prosecution and/or avoid attending Court and you may think that getting legal representation is not necessary.  But if you are ordered to attend Court you should get yourself a solicitor/lawyer who will give you advice and represent you at the Court hearing.  They will also help you apply for Legal Aid if you cannot afford legal fees.

A list of local solicitors can be found in the area phone book or be obtained from the Clerk to the Court.

Even if you have not found yourself a legal representative you must attend Court on the day and time that you have been told. 

For more details about the Court process, sentencing and location of Court Houses visit the Scottish Courts website.

Scottish Legal Aid website.