Adult Protection Committee

Are you concerned about an adult who may be at risk?

  • If your request is urgent and during normal working hours, call us on 01546 605517.
  • If your request is urgent and outwith normal working hours, or on a public holiday, call the social work emergency line on 01631 566 491  or 01631 569712.
  • If you think it is an emergency situation, you can call the police on 999
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  Adults at
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     Adult Protection

About the committee

The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 set up multi-agency Adult Protection Committees in every council area. The Committee monitors and reviews what is happening in Argyll and Bute to safeguard adults. It is made up of senior staff from many of the agencies involved in protecting adults who may be at risk.  

These include staff from the council, the NHS and the Police.

 Their role is to come together on a regular basis to:

  • Look at the work being done in Argyll and Bute to support and protect adults at risk and make sure all the different agencies are working well together to do this
  • Give information or advice to those people whose work involves protecting adults who may be at risk
  • Set up training for the staff doing this kind of work and make sure as many staff as possible from the different agencies know about the Adult Support and Protection Act and know what they should do if they believe an adult is being harmed

Meet our new Committee Members

Alex DavidsonWe welcome Alex Davidson as the Chair of the Adult Support and Protection committee for the partnership.

Alex says:

"The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 seeks to protect and benefit adults at risk of being harmed. It requires councils and a range of public bodies to work together to support and protect adults who are unable to ensure the safety of themselves, their property or their rights.

Most adults with mental health problems, physical or learning disabilities, or ill-health can and do live comfortable and secure independent lives, often with support from relatives, friends and neighbours, and also care professionals and volunteers. However, a small number of adults may experience harm, such as physical abuse, bullying or threats, being forced or pressured into sexual activities, having money or possessions taken, not receiving the care they need.

Adult protection through local partnership sees public bodies working together to assess whether an adult is vulnerable to being harmed and be able to intervene and help where appropriate, while also trying to ensure the individual’s right to independent living."

Julie HempletonJulie Hempleman Lead Officer for Adult protection has been in post since October 2017. She says;

"We are proud of the achievements we have made in Argyll and Bute to ensure the most vulnerable members of our community are protected from harm. Through previous campaigns we have raised awareness of Adult protection using traditional methods such as ensuring ASP information leaflets are available in our offices. We also make use of social media platforms to encourage members of the public as well as professionals within our own organisation to report types of harm. These include neglect, financial harm, physical harm and emotional abuse. Whilst we are pleased with progress we’ve made we are never complacent. We need the help of the public to speak up/take action to help people who can’t help themselves."


Gillian DaviesGillian Davies is the Mental Health Consultant Nurse for the Argyll and Bute Health and partnership. She joined the Adult Protection Committee In February 2018 and has brought with her a wealth of experience. She has recently been involved in the Mental Health re-design strategy as well as contributing to the Adults with Incapacity Consultation for the Scottish Government. Gillian says “I feel it is important to be a member of the Adult Support and protection Committee as I can ensure that vulnerable adults with Mental Illness are protected from harm."


Brian GibsonBrian Gibson is the superintendent for operations for Argyll and Bute and West Dunbartonshire he says

“The joint work in Argyll and Bute between the NHS, Social Work Department and Police Scotland and our independent and voluntary partners has seen many successes. We are committed to building upon this partnership. In so doing we can look to ensure that those persons who are at risk of any sort of harm are protected and where appropriate offenders brought to justice."


The Adult Protection Committee in Argyll and Bute meets every quarter.


Minute APC 15.02.18


Argyll and Bute Adult Protection Committee Annual Report - April 2018 to March 2020

Argyll and Bute Adult Protection Committee Biennial Report - April 2016  - March 2018

Argyll and Bute Adult Protection Committee Biennial Report April 2014 - March 2016

Argyll and Bute Adult Protection Committee Annual Report - April 2012 to March 2013

The Adult Support and Protection Act asks all Adult Protection Committees to produce a report every two years on their work. Argyll and Bute’s Adult Protection Committee has now produced three Biennial Reports covering the years 2008-2010, 2010-2012 and 2013-14.

 What to do if you are worried about someone

It is everyone’s business to help protect adults who may be at risk. If you know someone who you believe is being harmed please tell us so that we can help them to protect themselves.

If you believe that someone is in urgent need of help to keep them safe please contact the police on 999.

If you want to report harm you think or know is happening to an adult, you can contact Argyll and Bute Social Work Department on 01546 605517