SOA outcome 3

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Outcome 3 - Education, skills and training maximises opportunities for all.

What success will be like in 10 years

Argyll collegeFirst class education and training opportunities attract people to Argyll and Bute. All young people have the opportunity to achieve a positive and sustained destination. Everyone has access to training and skills development opportunities of their choice.

Local labour market information shapes development of higher and further education curriculum and training. Aligning education, skills and training provision with labour market needs will maximises opportunity for people and ensure the supply of educated, skilled and trained people to support the local economy.

This is the progress we expect to make in 3 years

Further progress in relation to the reduction in the number of young people leaving school without a positive and sustained destination. Schools have undertaken further curriculum reform to support the new national qualifications and ensure young people have the opportunity to follow a programme tailored to their needs.

Brick layingIncreased opportunities for alternative qualifications. Closer links to local labour market analysis and the options offered by schools and Higher and Further Education providers.

The facilities and support required to support training in emerging and economic growth sectors will be investigated building on the development of the SAMS facility in Oban. Increased opportunities for meaningful short and long term employment experience.

The corporate parenting support by CPP partners for Looked After Children is improved and is narrowing the inequality gap for them. Ongoing review of scope of skills and training development to reflect demand and take opportunities to increase scope and range of this provision.

This is where we are now

In schoolThe educational attainment in Argyll and Bute is above the national average in most measures. Schools increasingly offer access to a range of wider qualifications to assist pupils with vocational routes providing access to FE/HE courses in schools.

There are increasing trends in the number of adults who are accessing activities supporting their literacy and numeracy. Independent, third and public sector providers offer a range of skills and training development.

These are the key strategies and delivery plans

Education Action Plan, Curriculum for Excellence Implementation Plan, Individual school improvement plans, Opportunities for All Development Plan, Argyll and Bute Skills Pipeline, Argyll and Bute Youth Employment Activity Plan, Third Sector Partnership Business Plan, Argyll Voluntary Action Strategic Plan

These are some of the main areas of focus included within this outcome

Young people with a positive and sustained destination. Alignment of FE/ HE course provision with local labour market analysis. More adults with literacy, numeracy, or basic ICT issues are supported to access and progress in "first steps" learning opportunities. Primary, secondary and tertiary education and training/skills development.