SOA outcome 2

CPP logoOutcome 2 - We have infrastructure that supports sustainable growth

What success will be like in 10 years

Aerial photoLong term strategic infrastructure planning undertaken in partnership with the Scottish Government and the private sector has improved Argyll & Bute’s road, rail, ferry, air and wider transportation infrastructure to support the growth of our economy and the sustainability of our communities.  The development of the electrical transmission and distribution grid has been strengthened to support the continued development of renewable technology and to provide additional community resilience.  The water utility infrastructure continues to be developed in both our town and rural areas to support economic development and housing. 

In ten years, Argyll and Bute will have world class digital and mobile infrastructure that promotes sustainable economic development, community resilience and service delivery and makes Argyll & Bute a more compelling place to live and work.

Investment in housing and community facilities support sustainable economic growth and along with regeneration of our town centres and built environment enhance the competitiveness of Argyll and Bute.

This is the progress we expect to make in 3 years

Programme of A83 improvements completed by Transport Scotland.  A82 improvements at Pulpit Rock & Crianlarich completed and further improvements between Tarbet and Crianlarich identified within a funded programme.    Council progresses its policy objective of ongoing improvement to road condition through its commitment to its Roads Asset Management & Maintenance Strategy.  Establishment of a high quality and reliable town centre to town centre vehicular ferry service between Dunoon & Gourock and upgrade of supporting shore side and public transportation infrastructure and services.  Timetable for the Campbeltown-Ardrossan ferry service finalised.  Future of the Council’s ferry services determined.  Future of the Kerrera ferry service determined. Improved rail connectivity from Oban, Bute & Cowal and Helensburgh and Lomond to Glasgow and Edinburgh with the six Glasgow-Oban services and continued sleeper connectivity. 

Introduction of new Park and Ride opportunities in Helensburgh and Dunoon; particularly those providing commuter links to Glasgow. Over 80% of the Argyll and Bute communities within the Next Generation Broadband area will have access to the improved service, as will 100% in the Helensburgh area through the Rest of Scotland programme.

Improved connectivity between Argyll & Bute’s island and mainland airports with Glasgow Airport and with the Western Isles. Completion of the construction of the Carradale-Hunterston undersea grid link.  Delivery of the Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2013-18.

This is where we are now

Construction siteThere is a perception that the infrastructure in Argyll and Bute is a barrier to growth. This is evidenced by under investment in infrastructure over a number of years by both private and public sectors and poor mobile phone and broadband services, lack of electricity grid capacity and standard of the road network. Whilst there is a clear need to invest in improvements to infrastructure much of the core asset base is sound. CPP partners have developed strengthening working relationships with the key public and private sector stakeholders and have approached the requirement to develop a more strategic and integrated approach towards policy development through ABRA, HITRANs and through direct partnership working with Transport Scotland.

These are the key strategies and delivery plans

Across the CPP each partner has strategies and plans which will contribute to the development of infrastructure provision within Argyll & Bute.  The development and resourcing of the proposed Strategic Infrastructure Plan, developed in partnership with the Scottish Government, will provide the mechanism to achieve the required improvement to infrastructure and housing needed to support the delivery of the SOA outcomes of economic and population growth. Other plans and strategies include - Local Development Plan, Economic Development Plan, Renewable Energy Action Plan, Roads Asset Management and Maintenance Strategy, Scottish Ferries Plan, Strategic Housing Investment Plan 2013-18, CHORD programme, HIE Operating Plan and plans for roll out of broadband.

These are some of the main areas of focus included within this outcome

This outcome includes the following infrastructure, housing, community facilities to support housing, road transport, other modes of transport (air, ferries, rail, piers and harbours), utilities (electricity grid and water and sewerage network) and IT/ICT (mobile phone and broadband).