SOA outcome 1

CPP logoOutcome 1 - In Argyll and Bute the economy is diverse and thriving

What success will be like in 10 years

A thriving broad based economy that has realised its full contribution to Scotland’s economic development via the growth in sectors such as renewables, tourism, food and drink, marine science and digital knowledge economy.  Helensburgh and Lomond will be a thriving local economy based on a growing employment base and further integration with the wider west of Scotland labour market.  The opportunities and potential for growth in Oban and Lorn are being developed and realised. Regeneration activity in Dunoon and Rothesay has transformed them in to thriving local economies. The success of Campbeltown / Machrihanish NRIP site is key to ensuring the local economy has a sustainable future. Overall increased levels of income and employment.

This is the progress we expect to make in 3 years

Contribution and role of Argyll and Bute to the Government Economic Strategy is understood and fully supported by national and regional agencies. Growing opportunities for onshore and offshore renewable energy throughout Argyll and Bute and an active local supply chain focused around the Campbeltown / Machrihanish NRIP site and opportunities around North Argyll.

LandscapeEuropean Marine Science Park occupied and a growing cluster of education, research and commercial activity at Dunstaffnage with future phases well advanced. Repositioning the Argyll and Bute tourism product and profile, increasingly active networks established, creating new tourism experiences, driving up added value locally, raising the quality of the accommodation across the area.

A clear strategic and holistic focus on the regeneration challenges in Dunoon and Rothesay will begin to show positive results with opportunities through improved connectivity being realised, increasing activity in the housing market and inward investment successes.

The delivery of a range of public and private sector investments in the Helensburgh and Lomond area has encouraged further economic development and investment opportunities that are significant at the regional level and that raises the area’s profile.

Business and commercial opportunities are promoted across all communities in Argyll and Bute and opportunities relating to key sectors such as tourism, the digital economy, food and drink (incl. whisky) and renewables are being exploited by local businesses.

This is where we are now

The business base remains narrow and the public sector is dominant. Access to finance and a lack of confidence has been acting as a brake on business investment. Low levels of research and development activity. Unemployment is subject to local variations but is above the regional average. High level of self employment and proportion of microbusinesses with few businesses of scale. Increasing numbers of businesses are beginning to explore exporting opportunities.

These are the key strategies and delivery plans

BreweryA separate strategy for economic recovery and growth is being developed that will set out how the CPP plans to take this forward. This will supplement existing plans and commitments from Highlands and Islands Enterprise Operating Plan, Scottish Enterprise and the Council’s Economic Development Action Plan, the CPP’s Renewable Energy Action Plan and the work of the Business Gateway team. Existing partnerships around renewable energy (Argyll and Bute Renewables Alliance) and tourism (Argyll and the Isles Strategic Tourism Partnership) will be supplemented by other sector specific partnerships and enhanced engagement with the business community at a local level and Argyll and Bute wide to drive delivery, outcomes and impacts and ensure we create the right conditions for economic growth.

These are some of the main areas of focus included within this outcome

Business growth, sustainability and start up. Development of specific sectors – tourism, marine science, renewables, digital economy, culture and heritage, food and drink and traditional sectors. The impact of and opportunities offered by the Maritime Change programme will also be relevant.