SOA and Community Plan Introduction

This Community Plan / Single Outcome Agreement 2013-2023 is a joint statement from the Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership. It sets out the partnership’s vision for achieving long term outcomes for communities in Argyll and Bute.

The CPP recognises that the context for delivering outcomes is challenging, with public sector reform, welfare reform and poor economic forecasts all impacting nationally and locally.

Scotland with Argyll and Bute insetThis Community Plan/Single Outcome Agreement sets out the vision, priorities and objectives for Argyll and Bute over the next ten years.

It also gives the partnership a focus for priority actions and activities over the next three years.

Planning for the Argyll and Bute Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement commenced in June 2012, instigated by the Scottish Government’s desire to have all Community Planning Partnerships develop strategic plans in close consultation with their communities.

This is the first ten year Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement.  This Plan will be reviewed regularly to assess progress with implementation of the plan and also to ensure it still remains relevant to community needs.

Having participated in the development of the Plan, communities are encouraged to monitor the implementation process by visiting the CPP’’s web site.

Community planning partners, their staff, elected members, and members of the wider community are to be congratulated on the tremendous joint effort and commitment of time that has been invested in the preparation of this Plan. In ten years’ time, through the implementation process and future reviews, it is hoped that our aspirations will have come to fruition and have improved the quality of life for communities throughout Argyll and Bute.