Self Isolation Support Grants

Scottish Government Self Isolation Support Grants (SISGs) are available to people on a low income who are experiencing financial hardship through being advised to stay at home.

The Self-Isolation Support Grant (SISG) will close on 5 January 2023. If you booked a PCR test through the SISG portal on or before this date, you can apply for the grant up to 28 days from your positive PCR test result. 

If you’re eligible for the grant and were unable to apply within 28 days from your positive PCR test result, your local council may be able to consider your application. This is only if you were unable to apply within the 28 days because of something that you could not control

Check whether you are eligible for a grant and arrange a PCR test on the Scottish Government website

Apply online for a Self Isolation Support Grant

You may be eligible for a payment if meet the following criteria:

  • You have received a positive PCR test result for Covid-19 and are staying at home as per Scottish Government guidance, or
  • You are a parent of a child under 16 or are a carer for someone over 16 with a positive PCR test result.

In addition, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You are employed or self-employed.
  • You are unable to work from home and will face reduced earnings as a result of staying at home; and
  • You are currently receiving, have been awarded but not yet received a payment of, or have underlying eligibility (would ordinarily be entitled should an application have been made) for Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Income-based Employment & Support Allowance, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit, Means-tested Council Tax Reduction or Pension Credit; or
  • You are an individual who earns less than the Real Living Wage.

Grants are paid per eligible person, not per household, therefore a couple who both meet the eligibility criteria for a grant will be paid individually.  

The value of the grant is £250.  This is to reflect the reduction in the period that you are asked to stay at home – reduced to 5 days for an adult and 3 days for a child.

A Self-Isolation Support Grant can only be issued 3 times in any 12-month period

You will need to provide evidence to verify your application.

When a grant cannot be paid

A grant cannot be paid

  • without a positive PCR test. For example, you would not qualify if you feel that you have symptoms and haven't been tested. If you are staying at home under any other circumstances and you are struggling financially then you should apply for a Crisis Grant through the Scottish Welfare Fund.
  • If you are not employed or self-employed.