Rural Resettlement Fund

Rural resettlement Fund

We would like to announce that, as of 24 May 2018, and having encouraged more than 170 new residents to move to Argyll and Bute, the Rural Resettlement Fund is now closed.

We would like to thank everyone who moved here, taking advantage of the fund and who expressed an interested in coming to live in Argyll and Bute. Whilst we can no longer support grant aid to people moving to the area, there are still compelling reasons why this is a great place to live, learn, work and do business.

For more information, visit our discover pages You can also watch this short video about living here. Then ask yourself if you see your future in Argyll and Bute.

What's it like to move to Argyll and Bute?

Can you see your future in Argyll and Bute?

We think Argyll and Bute has it all, but why not take a look at this video and find out for yourself?

If this inspires you to find out more about what Argyll and Bute has to offer, visit our Discover page to see why this is a place people choose to live, learn, work and do business

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