Rural Resettlement Fund

Argyll and Bute is a flourishing area with room to spare for families, individuals and businesses looking for new opportunities and a different way of life.

We have a unique local economy and one that has much to offer Scotland’s long-term economic growth and security. 

The enterprising spirit is already evident in Argyll with higher rates of self-employment than the Scottish average. We have a history of innovation and we welcome new, creative ideas. Our innovative communities have a can-do attitude leading to firsts such as the community buy-out of Gigha, pioneering community renewable power schemes and successful social enterprises.

We want to encourage people to come and join us and so Argyll and Bute Council is now introducing the Rural Resettlement Fund. These grants to employers, self-employed people and families assist with some of the expenses associated with relocating businesses or taking up employment in the area. We believe this will help grow the local economy and our population.

For more information of living, working and investing in Argyll and Bute, please visit our discover pages.

There are three types of applications for the Rural Resettlement Fund: Business, Self-employed and Personal.

Our Businesses Fund is for businesses trading for more than two years, with a turnover of more than £80,000 and with at least one full-time member of staff other than the owner (paid at the Scottish living wage or more). They can apply for up to £10,000 to assist with business relocation costs. To qualify, the business needs to demonstrate it is sustainable and has growth plans.

Those in self-employment can apply for up to £5,000 providing they have been trading successfully for at least 12 months, are paying themselves the equivalent of the Scottish living wage and can demonstrate sustainability.

Individuals who are moving to Argyll and Bute to take up employment can apply for up to £5,000 to assist with removal and relocation costs provided they have an offer of a contract or Modern Apprenticeship for more than 12 months and Argyll and Bute will be their full-time residence. Only one application for assistance can be made per household.

Frequently asked questions

I want to move to Argyll and Bute but I don’t have a job yet. Do I qualify for the RRF?

Unfortunately, no. You would need to have an offer of employment to be eligible to apply for a RRF grant. However, there are lots of employers in Argyll and Bute looking for skilled workers. Job sites such as, and are great places to start looking.

What sort of things will you be looking for in support of my application for the business fund?

We will ask to see accounts for the previous two years, with income and expenditure to prove active trading. You will be expected to provide a business plan and financial projection so you can demonstrate your sustainability and any growth potential. Rest assured, we will treat all this information confidentially.

 I’ve already signed the lease for my business premises. Do I qualify for the RRF?

 If you have already fully committed to costs before approval of the grant, then you don’t qualify for the RRF.

 My partner and I both have had offers of employment in Dunoon. Are we both able to apply for an RRF grant to help with our relocation costs?

 We want to help as many individuals and businesses relocate to Argyll and Bute and so we have to limit our grants to one per household.

 I’m self-employed. Do I qualify for a Rural Resettlement Fund grant?

 If you have been trading for 12 months and pay yourself at least the Scottish living wage (£8.25), you would be eligible to apply for a grant of up to £5000.

I’m a business owner. Can I claim for relocating my business and my family.

 If your business and family circumstances both meet the criteria, then yes.

 Are you giving preference to people with particular skills?

Only if we are oversubscribed. However, there are key sectors in Argyll and Bute where employment is growing. These include tourism, forestry, food and drink, aquaculture as well as the NHS, care sector, police, teaching, engineering and training. If these are areas where your skills lie, this could be the place for you.

Do you put a time limit on how long you expect people to stay?

We hope that you enjoy the lifestyle in Argyll and Bute so much you will want to put roots down here. However, to qualify for the grant people must commit to stay for over 12 months and 25% of the grant will be held back until after you can evidence your stay in Argyll and Bute after 12 months.

What sort of businesses do you want to see invest in Argyll and Bute?

We’re open to all sorts of business, but we are aiming the fund at businesses actively trading, in profit, with annual turnover in excess of £80,000.  You should have at least one Full Time Equivalent member of staff (35 hours per week) in addition to the business owner and staff must be paid at or above the Scottish living wage, currently £8.25. 

I want to move to Argyll and Bute to start my own business. Do I qualify? 

The RRF isn’t a start up grant. Funding may be available through other sources and Business Gateway can work with you to signpost you to appropriate sources. Why not call 01546 604555.

How will the RRF grant be paid?

The grant is paid retrospectively once we receive evidence of expenditure outlined in your approval letter. You will be paid 75 per cent of your eligible costs and the remaining 25 per cent will be paid after 12 months.

When I move to Argyll and Bute, what are my housing options?

HOME Argyll is a partnership that makes it easy to find housing in Argyll and Bute. It offers advice on the range of housing options and aims to provide you with basic information about finding and living in a home in Argyll and Bute. You can find it here