Roads and Footways Capital Programme 2019/20

This year the Council is investing over £6million in capital improvements to the local road and footway network.

Capital works are long-term improvements such as resurfacing and surface dressing. At the same time, we continue to invest in day-to-day maintenance work like patching and filling potholes.

There is a known maintenance backlog of £1.2billion on Scotland’s roads. In Argyll and Bute the investment required to fix the maintenance backlog and to bring roads up to an A1 condition is £198million. Our financial modelling shows that we need to spend £5million per year just to keep the road network in its current condition; £7million per year to show a slight improvement and £11million per year to see a noticeable improvement.

Below is a copy of our capital programme for this year with information on particular roads and footways we will be working on and the budget for each scheme.

The overall budget is divided on the basis of the area of the road network – there is, for example, a greater road surface area in Oban, Lorn and the Isles than in Helensburgh and Lomond.

These jobs will go ahead over the course of the year, depending of course on the weather. We’ll be publishing more information about particular schemes as and when they go ahead.

Progress on each scheme is updated at the end of each month.

Capital Roads Reconstruction Budget 2019/20




Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands (MAKI)

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Oban, Lorn and the Isles (OLI)

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Bute and Cowal (B&C)

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Helensburgh and Lomond (H&L)

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Argyll and Bute Total


Treatment descriptions:

  • Patching - Removal and replacement of small areas of surface layers to existing levels
  • Inlay - Removal and replacement of surface over entire width , where levels fixed by kerbs etc
  • Overlay - Additional bituminous surfacing layer over existing to add strength, ususally Rural roads
  • Edge strengthening - Localised widening of carriageway and verge improvements,  prior to surfacing works
  • Reconstruction - Excavation and replacement of several layers of full width of carriageway structure
  • Pre-surface dressing - Minor works to prepare existing surfaces , patching , jetpatching, edge cutting  etc
  • Surface dressing - Bitumen binder and stone chips  - seals surface -  can be used to cover previous works

Key to progress indicators:

Works still to commence onsite - may be weather delayedNot started
Works in progress - may include phased works In progress
Construction works complete - white lining to be programmed Complete

Capital Footways Reconstruction Budget 2019/20





Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands (MAKI)

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Oban, Lorn and the Isles (OLI)

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Bute and Cowal (B&C)

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Helensburgh and Lomond (H&L)

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Argyll and Bute total


Helensburgh and Lomond

Road improvements planned for 2019/20 - Helensburgh and Lomond

RouteScheme nameEstimated ValueProposed scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
A818, A814, B833, U24Pre Surface Dressing£22,405Pre Surface DressingMayComplete
A818Cross Keys - Callendoun Farm£15,750Surface DressingJulyComplete
A814East Clyde St - Colgrain Station Rd to HLCC£48,500Surface DressingJulyComplete
B833Garlochead /Rosnea£193,000Surface DressingJulyComplete
U24Back Road Clynder£25,875Surface DressingJulyComplete
U47Cairndhu Ave£63,000InlayJulyComplete
U323Woodend St£28,000InlayJulyComplete
U201Macleod Drive£71,000InlayJulyComplete
U200MacLeod Cres£15,000InlayJulyComplete
U232Paterson Drive£15,000InlayJulyComplete
U157James St ( 2 parts ) Princes St - King St Queen St-Stafford St£89,000InlayAugComplete
U271Stafford St West£23,000InlayAugComplete
U37Ben Bouie Drive - inc Speed Table replacement£40,000InlaySeptComplete
U172Kildonan Drive£32,000InlaySeptComplete
U304Upper Torwoodhill Road£27,000InlayOctComplete
U184Laggery Road - Rhu£18,500InlaySeptComplete
U82Cumberland Rd Rhu Manse Brae to School Rd£9,500InlaySeptComplete
U14Ardenconnel Way£41,500InlayOctComplete
U266Maidstone Road£82,500InlayJuneComplete
U103East Montrose St - Charlotte St to GrantSt£10,550InlayAugComplete

Footway improvements planned for 2019/20 in Helensburgh and Lomond

RouteScheme nameEstimated ValueProgress
ArrocharMacFarlane Drive£10,000Not started
GarelocheadFeorlin Way - School gate to Medical Centre£5,300Complete
CoveB833 Adjacent to Village shop£4,700Complete
HelensburghAshton Drive£9,500Complete
HelensburghWaverly Ave£19,500Complete
HelensburghCrawford Drive£25,900Complete
CardrossPark Ave£2,100Complete
CardrossBarrs Road£7,250Complete

Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands

Road improvements planned for 2019/20 in Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands

Mid Argyll -

RouteScheme nameEstimated valueProposed scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
A816Salachary - Kintraw£85,000Pre Surface Dressing (£30k) &Surface Dressing (£55k)JulyComplete
B840Finchairn - Braevallich£98,000Pre Surface Dressing (£20k) &Surface Dressing (£78k)JulyComplete
U10Brenachoillie£22,000Surface DressingJulyComplete
U104/U105Croabh Haven£50,000Surface DressingJulyComplete
A816Riverside£60,000Inlay - Possible STTS Co FundingNovComplete
C30Kilmaha32,000Overlay - Possible STTS Co-fundingMayComplete
C42Gartnagrenoch - Dunrostan Various Sections£95,000OverlayJuneComplete
U48Cairnbaan Towpath£121,000Structural Edge WorksSeptComplete
U61Tarbert Ind Est£20,000InlayJuneComplete
 Ardrishaig Street£60,000InlayJulyComplete
 Area Total£643,000   

Kintyre -

RouteScheme nameEstimated ValueProposed Scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
B842Low Smerby - Peninver£90,000Pre Surface Dressing (£30k) &Surface Dressing (£60k)AprilComplete
B842Kildonan£60,000Widening (£50k) &Surface Dressing (£10k)JuneComplete
C18Keprigan Loop Road£145,000Pre Surface Dressing (£35k) &Surface Dressing (£110k)AprilComplete
C21Tayinloan Ferry Road£31,000Overlay (£16k) &Surface Dressing (£15k)MayComplete
U48Tayinloan Village£15,000Pre Surface Dressing (£5k) &Surface Dressing (£10k)MayComplete
B842Campbeltown - Low Smerby£100,000Edge Strengthening / SurfacingSeptComplete
B879Carradale Pier Road£30,000OverlayJuneComplete
U51Feorlin£20,000Edge Strengthening / Surfacing2020-2021Not started
U59RAF Machrihanish Road£20,000OverlayMayComplete
VariousCarradale Streets£40,000OverlayJuneComplete
 Area Total£643,000   

Islay and Jura -

RouteScheme nameEstimated valueProposed scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
A846Port Askaig - Ballygrant200,000Pre Surface Dressing (£35k) &Surface Dressing (£165k)AprilComplete
A847Cross House£65,000Pre Surface Dressing (£20k) &Surface Dressing (£45k)MayComplete
A846Ballygrant£35,000Pre Surface Dressing RegulatingAprilComplete
A846Laphroaig£51,000Edge strentheningMarchIn progress
U64Caol Ila£20,000OverlayAprilComplete
 Area Total£643,000   

Footway improvements planned for 2019/20 in Mid Argyll, Kintyre and the Islands

RouteScheme nameEstimated valueProgress
Mid ArgyllTarbert Ind Est£15,000Complete
KintyreTayinloan Footway£15,000Complete
IslayPort Charlotte & Port Ellen£15,000Complete
 Area Total£45,000 

Oban, Lorn and the Isles

Road improvements planned for 2019/20 in Oban, Lorn and the Isles

Oban and Lorn -

RouteScheme nameEstimated valueProposed scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
A816North of Kilmore£168,000Pre Surface Dressing (£43k) &Surface Dressing (£125k)AprilComplete
C32C32 Glen Lonan & Glencruitten£295,000Pre Surface Dressing (£70k) &Surface Dressing (£225k)AprilComplete
A816Knipoch£150,000Road Widening - Possible STTS Co fundigJulyComplete
B845Glen Nant£50,000Overlay and Verge ImprovementNovComplete
C26South Shian£100,000Overlay plus additional funding from Scottish Sea FarmsMayComplete
C27Tynribbie - Gunn's Garage£40,000OverlayMayComplete
C29Kilchrenan - Collaig Variuos Sections£100,000Overlay - Possible STTS Co fundingJuneComplete
U14Scammadale Road£30,000OverlayJuneComplete
U63, U66, U68Oban Housing Estate - Dalintart, Mossfield & Glencruitten£100,000Thin OverlayJulyComplete
 Area Total£1,215,000   

Mull -

RouteScheme nameEstimated costProposed scheme detailsEstimated start dateProgress
A849Glenmore - Craignure£363,000Pre Surface Dressing (£33k) &Surface Dressing (£330k)AprilComplete
A849Pennyghael - Bunessan£150,000Pre Surface Dressing (£80k) & Overlay Sections(£70k)AprilComplete
 Lismore ph2£20,000Surface DressingAugComplete
B8073Torloisk - Gruline£150,000Overlay various sectionsAprilComplete
C46Glenbellart£70,000Overlay various sectionsMayComplete
C54Lochbuie£100,000Overlay various sectionsAprilComplete
C50Iona Roads£30,000Overlay various sectionsAprilComplete
 Coll ph 2£80,000surfacingSeptComplete
 Area Total£963,000   

 Footway improvements planned for 2019/20 in Oban, Lorn and the Isles

RouteScheme nameEstimated costProgress
Mull - A848Tobermory Main St£19,125Complete
Mull - A849Craignure£19,125Complete

Bute and Cowal

Road improvements planned for 2019/20 in Bute and Cowal

Bute -

RouteScheme nameEstimated valueProposed scheme detailsEstimated start dateProgress
A844Kames Castle£52,000Pre Surface Dressing (£27k) &Surface Dressing (£25k)AprilComplete
B881Meikle Grenach - Rothesay Campus£107,000Pre Surface Dressing (£39k) &Surface Dressing (£68k)AprilComplete
A844Albert Place - High Street£26,000InlayJuneComplete
A844Victoria Street - Gallowgate£42,000InlayJuneComplete
A886Ettrickdale Subsidence£43,000ReconstructionAprilComplete
B881High Street - Montegue Street£15,000InlayJuneComplete
C3Plan Road£35,000OverlayJulyComplete
C4Ministers Brae - High Street£24,000InlayJuneComplete
C5Bridgend Street - Montegue Street£14,000InlayJuneComplete
U5Glecknabae Road£18,000OverlayJulyComplete
 Area Total£376,000   

Cowal -

RouteScheme nameEstimated costProposed scheme detailsEstimated startProgress
A815Lamont Lodge - Inverchaple Lodge£154,000Pre Surface Dressing (£69k) &Surface Dressing (£85k)MayComplete
A815Creggans - Ardnagowan£123,000Pre Surface Dressing (£25k) &Surface Dressing (£30k)MayComplete
A815St Catherines - Tigh Claddich£55,000Pre Surface Dressing (£53k) &Surface Dressing (£70k)MayComplete
B836Stronafian Long Brae - Telephone Exchange£39,000Pre Surface Dressing (£18k) &Surface Dressing (£21k)MayComplete
A815North Toward Straight£90,000InlayAugComplete
A815Tom a Mhoid Road - Hillfoot Street£34,000InlayJulyComplete
A885Ardenslate Road - Lazaretto Ferry Road£27,000InlayJulyComplete
A885John Street - MacArthur Street£25,000InlayJulyComplete
B8000Barnacarry - Lephinmore - Strathlachlan£89,000Overlay - Possible STTS co fundingOctComplete
B839Lochgoilhead - Police Station£42,000OverlayAugComplete
C10TSC - Auchafour Farm£30,000OverlayJuneComplete
C60Hunter Strret - Cherryhill£29,000InlayJulyComplete
U1 & U2Dunoon Streets£40,000InlayJulyComplete
U43Forest View£37,000InlayAugComplete
U74Hall Road - Dornich Park£42,000InlayAugComplete
 Area Total£869,000   

Footwayimprovements planned for 2019/20 in Bute and Cowal

AreaScheme nameEstimated startProgress
ButeUnion St - High st to Roads Depot£4,700Complete
ButeHigh Street Adjacent to No153£2,300Complete
ButeEden Drive - High st to Wallace Avenue£6,000In progress
ButeBishop St - Castle to West Princess St£4,000Not started
ButeVictoria Street - Deanhood Pl to Tower Street£5,500Not started
CowalClyde St Dunoon - Jane St to Wellington Street£11,000In progress
CowalFerry Brae Dunoon£4,000Complete
CowalArdenslate Road - Sandbank High Road to Dixon Avenue£29,000Not started
CowalNewton Park Innellan£16,000Complete