Roads and Amenity Services - Service Purpose Overview

To ensure that Argyll and Bute’s roads and marine infrastructure enables the safe and convenient movement of people and goods across a geographically diverse area by utilising fit for purpose vehicles and plant equipment. In addition, the service also maintains the physical appearance of Argyll and Bute by managing open spaces, cemeteries street cleaning, refuse collection and waste management in line within a changing landscape of legislation and local authority requirements.

Roads and Amenity Services Service Plan 2019-2022

Key Information – Roads and Amenity Services

The annual 2017-18 budget for Roads and Amenity Services is £19,908,711

Roads and Amenity Services has a staffing figure for 501 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Key Documents

Further information and documents that support the key aims of service delivery for Roads and Amenity Services can be found by clicking on the following links –

1. Council Annual Report

2. Recycling Information and Figures

3. Roads Capital Programme

4. Street Lighting Information

Annual Performance Reviews

The Annual Performance Review is the mechanism used by the service to review the previous year’s key successes and challenges, the key improvements to meet the challenges are also identified here.

You can view the Annual Performance Review for Roads and Amenity Services by clicking here.