Proposed re-alignment of catchment areas of Tarbert and Achahoish Primaries

This report has been prepared following consultation on the proposal that the Council:

Re-align the catchment areas for Achahoish and Tarbert Primary Schools, taking effect from August 2016.

Having had regard (in particular) to:

a) Relevant written representations received by the Council (from any person) during the consultation period;
b) Oral representations made to it (by any person) at the public meetings held on 1st and 8th December 2015; and
c) Education Scotland’s report on the proposal.

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Report on the outcome of the consultation relating to the re-alignment of catchment areas of Achahoish and Tarbert Primary Schools


In May 2014 Achahoish Primary School (PS) Parent Council made a formal request to the council to consider rezoning their current catchment area. This request was supported by Tarbert Academy Primary School (PS) Parent Council.

The existing boundary between the current catchment areas of Achahoish PS and Tarbert Academy PS is shown in Appendix 6. The request by Achahoish PS Parent Council was for the catchment area to be increased. The preferred choice for boundary change is for Achahoish School to Tiretigan Farm, Kilberry, this is also shown in Appendix 6