Taigh Solais Tobermory

Taigh Solais Tobermory
Taigh Solais Tobermory 2
Taigh Solais Tobermory 3
Taigh Solais Tobermory 4
Taigh Solais Tobermory 5

Key features: 

Planning proposal 

Erection of Showers, Toilets, Visitors Centre, Offices and Extension to Pontoons

Architect / agent

John Renshaw Architects

Why this is a good design

This multi-use building is located in a prominent location alongside a marina, at the edge of the Tobermory Conservation Area.  The mixture of scales of the three distinct building elements, combined with the use of traditional materials that are sympathetic to the historic setting, create a visually interesting building that is both a landmark due largely to the central drum "lighthouse" structure, and simultaneously integral to the Conservation Area largely due to the traditional single storey and two storey pitched roof wings on either side.  This facility is a fantastic addition to the Conservation Area, and must be amongst the most attractive locations containing public conveniences in the country.