Planning our future

Planning our Future Consultation November 2016

Everything matters. What matters most to you?

The consultation period closed on Monday 9th January 2017. We would like to thank everyone who took part for giving us their views.

Budget challenge - facts and figures

Argyll and Bute Council delivers a wide range of services that our communities use now. We also work to protect services and support the area in the longer term. We are doing all this with significantly reducing levels of Scottish Government funding.

Everything we do matters to someone. We would love to do everything our communities want us to, but continually falling funding means that that just isn’t an option.

Eighty per cent of our funding is provided by the Scottish Government. We do not yet know what our funding allocation will be for 2017/2018. This will not be announced by the Scottish Government until later in December. However, we must set our budget in February 2017.

We are using this time therefore to seek the views of our communities on what matters most about the role and services of the council.

We have already made millions of pounds of savings over recent years. We have taken on board ideas from our communities in transforming how we work. We have identified a further £1.4 million of efficiency savings for 2017/18 without impact on communities.

We will do as much as we possibly can with whatever resources we have. We will make no more savings than absolutely necessary. We will listen to what you tell us.

These are the toughest of times for councils. Please do take a few minutes to tell us what matters most to you. Thank you for replying to this consultation.

Councillor Dick Walsh
Leader of Argyll and Bute Council


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