Planning, Housing and Regulatory Services - Service Purpose Overview

Planning, Housing and Regulatory Services is an outward looking service which seeks to harness development opportunities, support our communities to realise their potential by enhancing access to housing, supporting businesses, protecting the public and improving the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area by ensuring that development takes place in a sustainable manner.

Planning, Housing and Regulatory Services Service Plan 2019-2022

Key Information – Planning, Housing and Regulatory Services

The annual 2017-18 budget for Planning,Housing and Regulatory Services is £5,785,119

Planning, Housing and Regulatory Services has a staffing figure for 129 FTE (Full Time Equivalent)

Key Documents

Further information and documents that support the key aims of service delivery for Planning and Regulatory Services can be found here –

1. Council Annual Report

2. Planning Performance Framework Annual Report

3. Quarterly and Annual Performance Statistics

4. Building Standards Information Page

5. Planning and Regulatory Services Customer Charter

6. Regulatory Services Licencing Standards Newsletter

7. Air Pollution and Local Air Quality Information

Annual Performance Reviews

The Annual Performance Review is the mechanism used by the service to review the previous year’s key successes and challenges, the key improvements to meet the challenges are also identified here.

You can view the Annual Performance Review for Planning and Regulatory Services here.