Tiree On-Shore Scenario Mapping

When Scottish Power Renewables were considering the development of the offshore wind farm, the Argyll Array, off the coast of Tiree, a number of partners came together to consider the implications of the development and how the economic benefits associated with offshore wind could be realised for Argyll communities. Whilst the Argyll Array is no longer being progressed the exercise was useful in helping to understand the implications of such a development.

Argyll and Bute Council worked in partnership with the Scottish Government, Marine Scotland, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and The Crown Estate and in consultation with Tiree Community Development Trust, Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited, Scottish Natural Heritage, NHS and Scottish Power Renewables. The intent was to examine and better understand the potential onshore implications associated with the proposed Argyll Array.  Community and stakeholder engagement was central to the process.

Ironside Farrar in undertaking the Scenario Mapping Study has held three formal consultation events on Tiree.  Engagement included a range of local community members, businesses and stakeholders together with elected representatives and wider groups.  The study was concluded with a presentation of the key findings, Q&A session and discussion around next steps and recommendations on the 20th September 2012 at an Talla, Tiree. Unfortunately in December 2013, Scottish Power Renewables confirmed that they would not be progressing the development of the Argyll Array due to difficulties in relation to ground conditions in the site, particularly the presence of hard rock, coupled with challenging wave conditions which could impact construction.

We would like thank all those who contributed to this study and provided feedback to the consultant team.

Consultation Event 3 – Exhibition Boards

O&M Scenario Reporting

Ironside Farrar (on behalf of the Steering Group chaired by Argyll and Bute Council) held their third drop in consultation event at An Talla, Tiree, 29th and 30th November 2011. 

The event was intended to provide further understanding of each of the four potential Operations & Maintenance Scenarios advised by the developer and to consider in more detail the potential implications for Tiree. The exhibition boards presented at Consultation Event 3 can still be viewed. 

Consultation Event 2 – Exhibition Boards

Interim Assessment

Ironside Farrar (on behalf of the Steering Group) held their second drop in consultation event at An Talla, Tiree, 3rd and 4th October 2011. 

The event presented an interim assessment of, and sought views on, the 4 potential operations and maintenance scenarios and associated implications of the proposed offshore array.  Ironside Farrar and the Steering Group wish to ensure wide participation and awareness of the interim findings of the study presented at this event. The exhibition boards presented at Consultation Event 2 can still be viewed.