Examples of good design in Argyll and Bute

Exemplar design

New development in Argyll and Bute will play an important part in its future success as a sustainable, economically viable and high quality place to live and work.  Within Argyll and Bute we have a design strategy which aims to achieve high quality new development that respects the local environment and provides a sense of place.

Good design has many benefits, improving the quality of life for everyone, increasing safety and civic pride but also in addressing the challenges we face in reducing carbon and adapting to climate change.

One of the main objectives of our sustainable design strategy is for the Council to lead by example and demonstrate sustainable design by providing case studies to illustrate the principles of the Council’s sustainable design guides.

Design examples

The examples below illustrate therefore what can be achieved through good design. We hope these examples stimulate debate on design issues but importantly promote and encourage innovate high quality sustainable design outcomes for our wide range of landscape / townscape settings.