Outcome Improvement Plan

People live active, healthier and independent lives.

SOA outcome 5

Outcome 5 - People live active, healthier and independent lives.

What success will be like in 10 years

People are active and healthier across all dimensions of health and wellbeing. Those who are older, living with long term conditions or vulnerable are increasingly being supported to maintain their independence for as long as they choose. Life expectancy is still above the Scottish average with increasing healthy life expectancy. The health outcomes for those living in our most deprived communities are closer to those of our most affluent areas. Communities are active in co-producing the services they have aspirations for. People lead more active healthier lives through increased participation in sport and physical activity.

This is the progress we expect to make in 3 years

Continuing to be above the Scottish average in terms of life expectancy and healthy life expectancy. Work in place to reduce health inequalities and targeted to those most in need. Older people reporting that they feel supported to live independently where they choose. More people with health and care needs live at home or a homely setting. Fewer emergency admissions of older people.

This is where we are now

Argyll and Bute is above the Scottish average in terms of life expectancy. Our healthy life expectancy is 68.5 years (males) and 72.5 years (females) compared to the Scottish average of 66.3 (males) and 70.2 (females).

Within the area however we have health inequalities. These are manifest throughout our rural communities and are not easily measured. However we see the effect of these inequalities in our towns. There are 10 areas in total, within Campbeltown, Dunoon, Helensburgh, Oban and Rothesay, included in the 15% most deprived small areas in Scotland.

Most older people (65+) in Argyll and Bute look after themselves at home, with varying degrees of help. 3% are cared for in the ‘formal’ setting of a care home or similar.

These are the key strategies and delivery plans

There are many plans across the CPP and within individual partners, including: Health and Wellbeing Partnership Joint Health Improvement Plan; Mental Health Modernisation and Strategic Framework for Mental Health and Wellbeing; Reshaping Care for Older People; A&B Integrated Children’s Services Plan; Housing Strategy and NHS Highland Health Inequalities Action Plan.

These are some of the main areas of focus included within this outcome

  • Everyone has the opportunity to be active members of their community.
  • People are enabled to live independently, with meaning and purpose, within their own community.
  • People are empowered to lead the healthiest lives possible. 
  • Healthier choices regarding alcohol and drugs and recovery from substance misuse. 
  • Mental health improvement strategies are promoted by the CPP.
  • The gap between the best of and the worst off in Argyll and Bute is reduced.
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