Outcome Improvement Plan

In Argyll and Bute children and young people have the best possible start

SOA outcome 4

Outcome 4 - In Argyll and Bute children and young people have the best possible start

What success will be like in 10 years

All our children will be more active and have increased opportunities to participate in play, recreation and sport. There will be an increase in improvement in children’s health and wellbeing. 

Reduced numbers of looked after children will be able to remain in their local community as a result of flexible support packages. Integrated delivery of public protection supports vulnerable children and young people.  Continued development of high quality learning opportunities.

This is the progress we expect to make in 3 years

Literacy levels of children continue to improve. There are increased levels of participation for children and young people in physical activity. The treatment gaps in services for children and young people have been addressed with appropriate services.

Attainment of looked after children is improving and levels of exclusion reducing. Good quality support is available to allow children to remain within their own communities. Improved quality & consistency to ensure all children are protected from abuse, neglect and harm. Involving users and communities in the design and delivery of services (co-production) is embedded across Argyll and Bute.

This is where we are now

Argyll and Bute has a comprehensive early years service offering good quality support to women through their pregnancy and beyond.  Quality of assessment is improving however quality of care planning and risk assessment needs further support. 

We are developing coproduction of all levels with children and young people in communities to inform how we build capacity and stability.

These are the key strategies and delivery plans

The Integrated Children’s Service Plan will be the main document that will be used across all partners over the next three years to drive performance against key outcomes.

These are some of the main areas of focus included within this outcome

This includes ensuring children and young people are protected from abuse, neglect and harm, are more active and have more opportunities to participate in play, recreation and sport, live within a family supportive environment, have the highest possible standards of physical and mental health, can access to positive learning environments and opportunities to develop skills and have their voices heard and are encouraged to play an active and responsible role in communities.

Collaborative working to deliver quality services early in life offers real and tangible outcomes for children, young people and their families.

This includes promoting prevention and tackling poverty, inequality and poor outcomes by empowering communities to work together.

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