News Releases for 2021

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Consultation planned on sites for electric vehicle chargers 02/12/2021
Contracts awarded for Salen and Port Charlotte improvement works 14/06/2021
COP26 travel disruptions 29/10/2021
Council agrees funding boost for strategic events and festivals. 13/05/2021
Council agrees to develop series of ambitious infrastructure projects 30/09/2021
Council agrees to submit proposed local development plan 2 25/06/2021
Council agrees £1.2 million of energy saving actions 14/05/2021
Council agrees £747,000 to boost Oban economy 13/05/2021
Council appeals for more childminders 01/12/2021
Council Approves Free Milk Plan For Primary Pupils 30/06/2021
Council awarded funding to help people in rent arrears 23/11/2021
Council awards contract for new Lismore Ferry 19/04/2021
Council budget planning progresses 15/02/2021
Council estimates £33 million budget gap over next five years 25/06/2021
Council makes mental health a priority for Argyll and Bute pupils 11/05/2021
Council plans local action to support global climate change conference 14/05/2021
Council prepares for winter 02/09/2021
Council progresses towards carbon neutral goal 14/05/2021
Council reaffirms commitment to tackling climate change 30/09/2021
Council Recipe For Success At Oban Beach Cafe 28/07/2021
Council response to proposal for a national care service 28/10/2021
Council sets out affordable housing plans 30/09/2021
Council shortlisted for two Learning Places Scotland Awards 29/10/2021
Council tax freeze and investment for the future 25/02/2021
Council thanks parents and carers 04/02/2021
Council to host Education Climate Summit next month 17/09/2021
Council welcomes additional funding to help tackle fuel poverty 10/05/2021
Council’s planning service gets green light from Scottish Government 05/02/2021
Counselling in schools continues to make positive progress 11/03/2021
Countdown to Argyll and Bute Education Climate Summit 25/10/2021