News Releases for 2021

Latest News
Headline Published
National commendation for Dunoon Primary refurbishment 28/07/2021
Council Recipe For Success At Oban Beach Cafe 28/07/2021
Period positive - free products if you need them 25/07/2021
Community Ownership Funding for Argyll and Bute 20/07/2021
UK’s first Active Travel Carriage arrives in Oban 19/07/2021
Campaign to reduce dog fouling launched 19/07/2021
Is your child eligible for free school meals and a clothing grant? 16/07/2021
Campaign to treat Argyll and Bute with care 14/07/2021
Alexa – when do I put my bins out? 13/07/2021
New School Run project for Rothesay 13/07/2021
Work permit reminder for employers 07/07/2021
Rachael's childminding story 05/07/2021
£90,000 to support Argyll and Bute communities 05/07/2021
Council Approves Free Milk Plan For Primary Pupils 30/06/2021
Policy Lead issues special summer message 30/06/2021
Council agrees to submit proposed local development plan 2 25/06/2021
EUROs extended play and closing times 25/06/2021
Council estimates £33 million budget gap over next five years 25/06/2021
Life as a childminding duo 25/06/2021
£500k funding to support community recovery 24/06/2021
New investment programme to support local regeneration projects 24/06/2021
Green light for ballot on Isle of Bute BID 24/06/2021
For kids' sake... Child Protection campaign urges everyone to be alert for signs of abuse or neglect 24/06/2021
Campbeltown Grammar hosts mini Olympic Games 23/06/2021
Have you ever considered becoming a childminder? 22/06/2021
Argyll and Bute urged to contain covid-19 outbreak 18/06/2021
COVID-19 cases rise in Argyll and Bute 17/06/2021
Self-service fuel station for aircraft at Oban Airport 16/06/2021
Flood study for Rothesay 15/06/2021
Contracts awarded for Salen and Port Charlotte improvement works 14/06/2021