News Releases for 2019

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Education Scotland's praise for Dalintober Primary 29/05/2019
Education staff receive professional awards 20/06/2019
Egg Shed opening marks next stage in Ardrishaig regeneration 02/08/2019
Employers reminded about need for work permits 16/07/2019
Equalities key to a successful future 18/04/2019
European Parliamentary Elections – are you registered to vote? 16/04/2019
Events and Festivals Fund accepting applications for 2020-21 15/08/2019
Exam results in Argyll and Bute 06/08/2019
Excellence, innovation and adventure: Argyll and Bute’s Rural Growth Deal has it all 03/07/2019
Expansion of Early Learning and Childcare hours on track 19/12/2019
F is for family milestones 15/07/2019
Feedback event for Oban Flood Study 17/06/2019
Fèisean funding secured for 2019/20 13/06/2019
Fighting fuel poverty 11/10/2019
Film in Argyll and Bute 10/10/2019
Filming in Argyll and Bute generates over £1m for economy 06/06/2019
Fly tipping ends communal bins at Uisken Beach 04/06/2019
Food Growing Strategy consultation now open 02/09/2019
Food Safety Warning Regarding Salmon 15/11/2019
Four-year contract agreed for Coll, Colonsay and Tiree air services 25/07/2019
Free 'visual merchandising' event for Campbeltown retail businesses 28/02/2019
Free event for local suppliers 21/11/2019
Free nursery registration 27/02/2019
Free procurement training for local suppliers 17/10/2019
Funding boost for local coastline projects 23/12/2019
Future cemetery needs under review 16/12/2019
G is for growing our own 16/07/2019
GAELIC - A’ Chomhairle A’ Seasamh An Aghaidh Droch-Dhìol San Dachaigh 05/09/2019
Gaelic Gathering hailed a great success 04/03/2019
Getting help when it's needed 09/10/2019