Fifteen couples in Argyll and Bute to tie the knot on royal day

Published Date: 

18 May 2018 - 11:44

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle prepare to tie the knot in Windsor tomorrow, 500 miles north in Argyll and Bute, 15 other happy couples will be doing the same.


Of those saying ‘I do’, six of the ceremonies will be conducted by Argyll and Bute Council’s team of dedicated and professional registrars.


The council’s Policy Lead for Customer Services, Councillor Rory Colville said: “Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re royalty or not, every couple deserves to have a truly magical, special day. Here in Argyll and Bute we can make that happen.


“It’s no surprise that every year hundreds of couples choose to get married in Argyll and Bute – it is one of the most stunning and diverse areas in the country.


“Our registrars do an outstanding job and go out of their way to ensure that each and every ceremony is tailored specifically for the couple saying their vows. It’s your day and we want you to have it your way. They have carried out weddings on mountains, in castles and on beaches at all times of the day – even Hogmanay. They really do their best to accommodate everyone’s wishes.


“I’d like to wish all those getting married in Argyll and Bute tomorrow a very happy and healthy future together. I hope they have a wonderful day.”


To find out more about getting married in Argyll and Bute, or for information on renewing your vows or arranging a naming ceremony, visit or email