Provost expresses heartfelt thanks

Published Date: 

6 Mar 2018 - 09:22

The Provost of Argyll and Bute Council has expressed his heartfelt thanks to Council staff and members of the community for all their hard work during last week’s adverse weather.


“Argyll and Bute is well known for its strong community spirit and last week strengthened that when everyone pulled together during what were truly horrendous and challenging conditions,” said Provost Len Scoullar.


“The communities of Helensburgh and Lomond, and Bute and Cowal were badly affected by the snow, but people got together to assist council staff in their duties and for that I am extremely grateful.”


Farmers, school staff and pupils and their families, teamed together to help clear snow in and around affected schools to allow them to open today (Monday) - just one of many examples was at Cardross Primary where over 40 people turned up to help.


Care staff have gone to extraordinary efforts to visit vulnerable people in our communities, and the council’s roads teams have been working round the clock to clear roads and footpaths where possible. Faced with drifts of over 1.5 metres in some areas, this has been no easy task.


“The roads teams have also been working in close partnership with the emergency services to get people the help they need. This has involved digging out vehicles which have become stuck, helping the ambulance service transport people to hospital and getting supplies to households which were completely cut off in Glen Fruin. They have also helped to clear petrol station forecourts in order to get communities moving.


Provost Scoullar continued: “We have no control over the weather and last week was extremely difficult for everyone, but it was very refreshing to see everyone doing their bit to help, and looking out for their neighbours.


“This has been a real team effort - people have gone well and truly beyond the call of duty. I would like to say a very special thank you to every single person who voluntarily assisted the Council staff and any others who needed help. Your efforts and caring have been very special.”