Nominations open for community council elections

Published Date: 

6 Mar 2018 - 11:38

If you care about what happens in your community and would like to have a role in developing its future, you are invited to find out about becoming a community councillor.

Nominations are invited between 6th and 22nd March for volunteers to serve as community councillors on Argyll and Bute’s 56 community councils.

Community Councils are the first or the “grass roots” tier of statutory representation in Scotland. They provide a link between local authorities and communities, and help ensure that public authorities are aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent.

While their primary statutory purpose is to represent the views of their community to the local authority and other public bodies, most Community Councils also involve themselves in a wide range of other activities which might include fundraising for local projects, running community and educational events, or organising environmental projects.

To become a community councillor you must be a resident within the community council area you would like to join, and be on the Local Government Electoral Register.

You can find out more about becoming a community councillor at