How should decisions about local services be made?

Published Date: 

12 Apr 2018 - 09:34

A community engagement team led by Cleland Sneddon, Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council, is to visit locations across Argyll and Bute to ensure that the opinions of local people form part of a national review of public services and how power should work in Scotland.


From the Island of Coll to Helensburgh and from Campbeltown to Oban and Bute, the team will hold evening sessions in 10 locations across the area to listen to residents and community groups and discuss how decisions about public services could or should be taken at local level.


This local consultation comes ahead of a national, Scottish Government review, (the Local Governance Review), on how public services will be organised and delivered in future.


Cleland said:


“The review of local governance could have an impact for anyone who delivers or uses public services and support, including those provided by the council. It’s important therefore that we use this time together to compile the key points that are important to local people, what you want to see changing and equally important what you don’t want to happen.


This is about your voice and opinions – we will be in listening mode”


Information gathered will be used to inform the council’s response to the Scottish Government.

If you have an opinion on how decisions about public services are made and you want your voice to be heard, please find out more and register to come along to one of the events -

These are the dates of the events. Booking places will be on a first-come-first-served basis.


19 April – Coll

24 April – Campbeltown

26 April – Lochgilphead

1 May – Helensburgh

10 May – Mull

6 June - Islay

12 June – Bute

13 June – Dunoon

18 June – Web chat

21 June - Oban


The Local Governance Review is expected to be published shortly.