News Releases for 2017

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New lease of life for former Port Ellen police station on Islay – as affordable private housing 04/07/2017
Businesses and homes saved by ambitious buildings restoration 06/07/2017
Work to start on new Dunoon Primary 07/07/2017
Rothesay town centre regeneration scheme secures £1.9 million of National Lottery investment 07/07/2017
Funding boost for Campbeltown projects 07/07/2017
Help stop the scammers 07/07/2017
A’ Chomhairle a’ sireadh luchd-obrach saor-thoileach 11/07/2017
Inns dhuinn mu ghaisgich spòrs a tha airidh air duais 11/07/2017
Game on for Grenfell 14/07/2017
Warning over fake play equipment inspectors 14/07/2017
Be aware of 'spoof' HMRC email 14/07/2017
Shellfish toxins alerts lifted at coastal sites 18/07/2017
European Maritime Fisheries Fund open for applications 18/07/2017
Digital switch saves Council £550,000 18/07/2017
Last chance to bid for slice of £50,000 19/07/2017
Village school bakes its way to top award 20/07/2017
Bute young people in community boost 21/07/2017
Kilfinichen Bay shellfish bacteria alert lifted 21/07/2017
Don't miss out on the chance to insulate your home 24/07/2017
Last chance to nominate your local sports stars 25/07/2017
Hermitage Park to re-open to the public 26/07/2017
Year of success for Business Gateway 26/07/2017
Would you like to be a Caledonian MacBrayne Community Board Member? 27/07/2017
£1.5 million road improvement programme nears end 28/07/2017
Council shortlisted for major UK award 28/07/2017
Argyll and Bute’s Game for Grenfell so far raises over £3,000 31/07/2017
Oban’s Transit Berthing Facility open for business 31/07/2017
Find out more about planning permission 01/08/2017
Thoiribh an aire do phost-d ‘meallta’ bhon HMRC 01/08/2017
Looking after our beautiful buildings 01/08/2017