News Releases for 2017

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A’ Chomhairle a’ cur meal-a-naidheachd air Luchd-buannachaidh Farpais Chòmhlan Pìoba na Cruinne 28/08/2017
A’ gleidheadh bòidhchead Eilean Ìle 28/08/2017
Campbeltown registrars host their first renewal ceremony 28/08/2017
Council staff act quickly to help alleviate flooding issues 29/08/2017
Shellfish alert lifted at Campbeltown Loch 30/08/2017
Buill shaor-thoileach a dhìth airson Pannal an Taigh-tasgaidh 30/08/2017
Mid Argyll trio bring home olympic medals 30/08/2017
Review of Community Councils – your views needed 30/08/2017
Oban’s North Pier Pontoons officially opened 31/08/2017
Hermitage Park regeneration project update 01/09/2017
Get into buildings - Argyll and Bute’s doors will be open to the public in September 04/09/2017
Council to host housing surgeries on Islay and Jura 04/09/2017
Economic outlook for Argyll and Bute is positive 07/09/2017
Pupils feast on award winning cheese 08/09/2017
Free online toolkit 08/09/2017
Early plans for festive season 08/09/2017
Funding bid decision soon for communities 08/09/2017
Gearing up to keep Argyll and Bute moving 08/09/2017
Help keep children and young people safe from sexual exploitation 08/09/2017
Goireas air-loidhne an-asgaidh 12/09/2017
Cuidich gus dìon a chur air clann is daoine òga bho dhaoine a ghabhadh brath orra a thaobh feise 12/09/2017
Shellfish beach alerts 12/09/2017
Council to host housing surgeries in Bute and Cowal 12/09/2017
Dunoon Town Centre Regeneration Scheme Launched 14/09/2017
Be alert to sales of goods from vans 15/09/2017
Sports Awards 2017 winners unveiled 15/09/2017
Oban pupils go full "STEM" ahead at new school event 15/09/2017
Digital pupils create and unveil their new mobile app 15/09/2017
Celebrating successes in education 15/09/2017
New bin collection day calendars on way 15/09/2017