Gearing up to keep Argyll and Bute moving

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8 Sep 2017 - 13:33

PLANS are in place to keep Argyll and Bute moving this winter.

Argyll and Bute Council is gearing up for winter with and workers are ready to roll once the colder weather comes.

Winter arrangements are in place and some changes made to operations with the aim of improving the service.

There will be 38 vehicles available round the clock and the number of drivers available will be increased to ensure the best possible front-line service.

More than 15,000 tonnes of salt are being stockpiled and 12 road surface and weather monitoring stations will be used.

Policy Lead for roads and Amenity Services, Councillor Roddy McCuish said: “With our winter maintenance plan and a budget of £1.645 million, we’re ready to keep people on the move.

“We will be pre-treating more than 30 priority routes when freezing conditions are forecast, which at least 750 miles of road, more than the distance from Oban to Brussels.

“The Council is responsible for the vast majority of Argyll and Bute’s road network so it’s vital we’re prepared. Only the trunk roads – A82, A85, A828 and A83 – don’t fall to us, with Bear Scotland looking after them on behalf of Transport Scotland.

“We will also treat footpaths when there is heavy snow or persistent freezing conditions where resources allow, with priority given to busy shopping areas.

“As always, there will grit available in grit bins across the area so people can help their own communities by treating roads in their neighbourhood in periods of severe weather.

“We remain committed to keeping Argyll and Bute moving which is why we have again put in place a robust maintenance plan to keep our roads as clear and safe as possible.”

The area’s roads network, excluding the trunk routes, runs to nearly 1,430 miles.