Trading Standards warn of unwanted subscriptions

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Published Date: 

27 Nov 2017 - 12:13

Trading Standards in Argyll and Bute are warning residents about subscriptions they are paying for but didn’t sign up for.

Around two million people across the UK are having issues cancelling recurring payments for subscriptions taken out without authorisation.

The team is backing a national campaign aimed at giving advice to consumers, people selling subscriptions, and financial institutions.

The campaign is part of National Consumer Week and takes the form of video animation guides.

Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services, Councillor David Kinniburgh, said: “It is astonishing how many people are paying for subscriptions they were unaware of and when they realise they can often experience problems cancelling the recurring payments.

“That’s why Argyll and Bute Council is committed to supporting this campaign to raise awareness, highlight the issues and make everyone aware of their rights and responsibilities.

“Please take the time to watch the videos.”

The first animation is aimed at businesses who offer subscriptions to their customers. Whether selling gym memberships, health or beauty products, streaming services or periodic subscriptions, all businesses must follow a strict set of laws designed to protect consumers from unfair practices.

 The second animation gives practical advice for consumers to make them think before they sign and not be tempted by free trial offers. If consumers find themselves caught in a trap then banks need to be aware of their responsibilities to customers struggling with subscription issues.

 The videos have been released by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute for National Consumer Week and in conjunction with the Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP).