VIP tour of new school for primary seven winners

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23 May 2017 - 12:04

A group of young people were treated to a VIP tour of the new Campbeltown Grammar School after winning a competition.

All the primary seven pupils from schools across Kintyre, who will form the new S1 intake to Campbeltown Grammar School in August, attended the current Grammar School last week for their induction into the secondary school.

As part of this, the children took part in a STEM showcase event (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The event was organised by Argyll and Bute Council, in partnership with Morrison Construction and hubNorth Scotland, and saw pupils battling it out in teams to construct a variety of items using simple, everyday items. These included a bridge made out of straws and a tower made out of pipe cleaners.

The competition was tense, with everyone eager to win, but in the end it was Kintyre Collaborative Construction who came out on top to win the VIP tour and a trophy which was very kindly donated by hubNorth Scotland.

The Council’s Acting Head of Education, Anne Paterson, said: “What a great event. Not only did it enable pupils to have a real hands on experience of the construction industry, it showed them how STEM subjects are an important part of our everyday lives.

“Science is all around us; technology is continuing to expand rapidly; engineering is in the design of our roads network and our bridges; and maths is in almost every activity we do.

“By working in teams with industry professionals, the children have not only had fun, they have learned the importance of STEM subjects, they have considered each other’s ideas, and have learned to problem solve as part of a team.

“This event was a great opportunity and congratulations go to everyone involved.”

Kintyre Collaborative Construction was made up of:

Sarah Campbell - Castlehill; Maddie Allison - Dalintober; Megan Lines - Dalintober; Kaitlynn Campbell - Drumlemble; Scott McGeachy – Carradale; Owen Reid - Castlehill; Callum Ellis - Dalintober; Ryan Wilson - Dalintober.