Full 'STEM' ahead at Colgrain Primary

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22 May 2017 - 10:46

A primary school is going full ‘STEM’ ahead to nurture the scientists and engineers of the future. Pupils at Colgrain Primary have been focusing on STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

All children, from nursery up to primary seven, have been involved in the project.

Pre-five and primary one have been focusing on food technology, tools and materials; primary two on architecture and design with a fairytale theme; primary three on food technology; primary four and five have been studying engineering, aqueducts, canals and bridge building; primary six, travel and transport; and primary seven, space and space travel.

A group of primary five to seven pupils visited the Queen’s Harbour Master at HMNB Clyde, where they learned about radar equipment, and Lt Cdr Dave Pinder from HMNB Clyde spoke to primary four to seven children about aeronautical engineering. He also arranged for naval chefs to visit primary three pupils.

Helensburgh Toyota has also been supporting the project. Staff brought along a hybrid car for senior pupils to investigate, as well as an old car and newer car for younger pupils to compare.

Pupils also staged a STEM showcase for parents and carers to celebrate their learning so far. It involved all the pupils, who arranged posters, displays and models, plus activities for visitors to take part in.

Acting Depute Head Teacher at Colgrain Primary, Linda Candlish, said: “The STEM showcase was very well received by the Colgrain community. Children were the leaders of the exhibiting stalls and took great pride in demonstrating their work and knowledge.”