Changes to tobacco sales legislation

Published Date: 

16 May 2017 - 11:35

Customers and retailers in Argyll and Bute are being reminded that new legislation on sales of tobacco products comes into force this month.

The new legislation means cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco must be sold in standardised green packaging.

Cigarettes will only be allowed to be sold in a minimum pack size of 20, and hand-rolling tobacco in a minimum pack weight of 30g.

Other changes include:

  • More use of warnings and images

  • A ban on terms that imply lifestyle benefits or similar

  • A ban on promotions and special offers.

  • A ban on the use of ‘flavours’ such as fruits or chocolate.

Menthol cigarettes can still be sold until 2020, but the word menthol must not be used in the labelling.

The current rules expire on 20 May.

 After this date it will become an offence to sell cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco if they are not in the new green packaging.

Argyll and Bute Council’s trading standards team has written to all retailers of tobacco products with details of the changes.

Any retailer who would like advice on the changes should call the council on 01546 605519 and ask to speak to a trading standards officer.

There are approximately 250 tobacco retailers in Argyll and Bute.