Ulva pupils to become stars of the screen

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31 Mar 2017 - 15:30

Pupils from Ulva Primary School will become stars of the screen next month when they appear in a new BBC Two television series.

The first episode of “The World According to Kids” will air on BBC Two on 13 April at 8pm and will give viewers an insight into the daily lives of the children and their views of the world.

Acting head teacher at Ulva Primary, Susie Carmichael said: “This was a very exciting project to be involved in. The programme is a six part series which focusses on 70 children aged between six and 11 from across the UK, including eight Ulva pupils.

“The BBC came along to the school last year and the children were all equipped with cameras to film their own lives at home. The after school clubs were also rigged with cameras and the results will give an open, honest and insightful portrayal of how young people see the world. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished programme.”

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “We were absolutely delighted to work with the children of Ulva Primary and we are sure the BBC viewers will enjoy hearing their perceptive and charming views on their lives and the world around them.”