Oban and surrounding area business and industrial land survey

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Published Date: 

13 Jun 2017 - 13:49

Argyll and Bute is a great place to live, work and invest and the council is keen to hear from businesses looking to expand, re-locate or start-up a new venture in Oban and the surrounding area. 

The business and industrial land survey is designed to gauge the demand for new business and industrial sites. It will also assist in determining where businesses would benefit from being located and what sort of premises and services would most closely suit their needs and budget.

The survey will also support previous work completed with partners including Highland and Island Enterprise in this area.

Councillor Aileen Morton, Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Economic Development, said:

“As a council we want to attract and retain people and businesses to come here, which will help boost the local economy.

“As well as developments opportunities at Oban Airport, where the council owns land, we want to find out the requirements of businesses in the surrounding area and we look forward to hearing from as many businesses as possible.”

The short online survey can be completed here and the closing date is Friday, 30 June 2017.