Mull pupil is through to national Westminster final

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19 Jun 2017 - 13:07

A Mull Primary School pupil will attend the Palace of Westminster next week after making it through to the final of a national art competition.

Alex Geddes of Lochdonhead Primary fought off stiff competition to win the regional stages of a competition, run by Gas Distribution Network (GDN), to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide.

The primary seven pupil produced and performed a lyrical poem which saw her win £300 for the school and £150 for herself.

As a result, Alex has been invited to attend the UK final in London on Friday 23rd June, during which time she will meet with representatives from SGN and GDN, before being given a tour of the House of Commons.

Talking about her success, Alex said: “I felt shocked when I found out that I had won and would be travelling all the way to London to receive my prize.”

Her mum Lynn added: “I’m super proud of Alex she has achieved so much at Lochdonhead Primary School and it’s a lovely way to end her time there as she heads off to high school.”

Claire Bidwell, Principal Teacher at Lochdonhead said: “Alex is such a hard working pupil and her literacy and art achievements this year have been outstanding. Developing engagement and critical curiosity in our pupils is essential to ensuring they have the learning skills to succeed.

"We researched the devastating effects of carbon monoxide poisoning in the classroom and the ways to recognise it and prevent it.

“Alex wrote her lyrical poem in class and then extended her learning beyond the classroom using technology to film her performance at home. She has been an inspiration to other pupils and a credit to Lochdonhead Primary school and this reward is so well deserved. Congratulations to Alex.”

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Education and Lifelong Learning, Councillor Yvonne Mcneilly said: “What a wonderful achievement. Alex has managed to raise awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide through a beautifully written and creative poem.

“She is a credit to Lochdonhead and I wish her the very best of luck at the finals. I have no doubt she will have many more successes as she begins secondary school this year and in the future.”


You can’t touch it - by Alex Geddes

You can’t touch it.

You can’t taste it.

You can’t smell it.


Carbon Monoxide makes your oxygen decrease, so hard, makes me say “Oh, my word!”

Dizziness, blurry vision, an irregular heartbeat,

That’s not good, get an alarm!

Comes from cigarettes and chimneys.

CO, known as such,

This is a gas, you can’t touch!

I told you homeboy!          


You can’t touch it!

You can’t taste it!

Look in my eyes man!


Incorrectly installed cookers, in un-ventilated places, will give you CO poisoning, it’s simple.

DO NOT PANIC! Just evacuate!

Let ‘em know you’ve breathed too much.

‘Cos this is a gas you can’t touch.


You can’t touch it.

You can’t taste it.

You can’t smell it.


Gives you brain damage and hallucinations,

Makes you sweat and shake,

You know I’m talking about CO,

You’re gonna pass out, you’re gonna die.

Your brain is ‘gonna work hard,

CO’s in your blood, it’s ‘gonna quit.


You can’t touch it.

You can’t taste it.

You can’t smell it.