Inveraray Primary School walking theatre play brings town to life

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9 Jun 2017 - 10:23

Pupils from Inveraray Primary School are performing a live walking theatre play, which explores their town’s history, its people and buildings.

Live performances of the play, where members of the public can join a stroll around the town to meet the townsfolk of yesteryear and see how the historic Argyll town has changed, are taking place on Thursday, 15 June at 1.30am and Friday, 16 June at 6.30pm - starting at the school.

The primary 5-7 pupils have also produced an engaging video, ’The Town We Made’, with the help of the Walking Theatre Company and funded as part of the Inveraray Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS).

The play lasting around 90 minutes, takes in the sights and sounds of Inveraray and its buildings, helping bring history to life. The pupils’ project work will also be exhibited in the school. 

The regeneration of Inveraray through the CARS scheme has breathed new life into the town. Four of five priority buildings, The Town House, Chamberlain’s House, The Old Temperance Hotel and Relief Land have been given a new lease of life by being restored to their former glory. Work on the fifth, Arkland, will be complete this summer.

Inveraray CARS scheme will continue until March 2018, and with regeneration work almost complete the focus is on supporting community engagement initiatives such as the primary school’s walking theatre performances. The ambitious conservation of the distinctive and important buildings was made possible by the council’s contribution of £350,000 and the CARS funding (£970,000) awarded by Historic Environment Scotland (HES). The total budget, which included contributions from the owners, Argyll Community Housing Association and private sector housing grant, is over £2million.

The Town We Made video can be viewed here.