Hermitage Park to re-open to the public

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26 Jul 2017 - 11:02

Helensburgh’s Hermitage Park will re-open to the public this Friday, 28 July 2017,

The park was closed in May due to an increase in work, to allow for the demolition of a number of structures and ensure public safety.

During the temporary closure specialist contractors have removed the old pavilion, making way for the new one and additional recreation spaces. The Japanese Shelter has been removed and conservation works to the war memorial involving removing the gates, cleaning the main structure and memorial and works to the east and north walls have taken place.  Major work to improve the paths including drainage and lighting around the main path network has been completed. A dry stone retaining wall  to improve the burn bridge has been installed by a group of volunteers led by the West of Scotland Dry Stone Walling Association. Work to the path network around the flower garden and sundial areas has also been completed.

Pupils from five local primary schools were able to experience an archaeological dig for the first time during a hands-on week in the park.

Members of the public are thanked for their patience and co-operation during the short temporary closure.

Work to complete the regeneration of the park is ongoing and is set to cost set to cost £3.3 million - £2.3 million being awarded by the Heritage Lottery, Parks for People fund. Other funders include Sustrans, the Armed Forces Covenant Fund and the Friends of Hermitage Park. Argyll and Bute Council has contributed £280,000.