Warning on overseas VAT number scam

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Published Date: 

24 Jan 2017 - 10:21

Argyll and Bute Council’s Trading Standards team is warning local business about a VAT letter scam.

The people behind a previous UK data control scam are now sending out debt collection letters asking for payments. These letters have a German address and are headed ‘UK – DATA CONTROL – Missing information on your VAT Registration Number’.

The letter says that the sender is looking to update VAT registration numbers. If a business replies to the letter they then receive an invoice asking for £790 per year for three years for inclusion on the UK data control portal. 

Councillor David Kinniburgh, Policy Lead for Regulatory Services, said: “We are concerned that local businesses might think this letter is an official communication, and that they may sign and return the form, leading to demands for payments. The letter is not an official communication – it is a scam.

“We would like to remind local businesses that they should make sure they read any letter like this in full before replying. Payments should only be made when you knowingly enter a binding contract.

“If anyone receives a letter like this and would like advice on what to do please call us on 01546 605519.”