Have your say on strengthening and growing Gaelic in Argyll and Bute

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24 Jan 2017 - 10:55

Argyll and Bute Council has been successful in securing Scottish Government funding to let communities decide how £15,000  could be used to “strengthen and grow Gaelic” across the area.  

Ideas on how the money could be spent can be posted and discussed on the on-line site: between 24th January and March 6th.

The second stage of the process will run between April 6th and May 6th when members of the public can vote for which of the final ideas should be funded.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Strategic Housing, Gaelic, Community and Culture, Councillor Robin Currie, said: “Participatory budgeting means that communities can decide how a specific amount of money can be used to make a positive difference, and then put the money to good use in growing Gaelic.

“This gives the community a direct say on how the money should be spent, and allows us to look at how we can engage better with people across such a wide geography.I would encourage everyone to visit the site and take part. ”

To find out more about the project, visit the ideas site directly, contact: communitydevelopment@argyll-bute.gov.uk


Participatory budgeting (PB) is recognised internationally as a way for local people to have a direct say in how, and where, public funds can be used to address local needs.  PB originated in Porto Alegre, Brazil in the late 1980s and has since spread to over 1,500 localities around the world.  It was born from a desire to reallocate public money locally and democratically to where it was needed most.   When PB is adopted its use can be very important in helping individuals feel connected to each other and to their communities and can instil a sense of ownership, trust and connectivity.

The Scottish Government supports PB as a tool for community engagement which sits alongside the objectives of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 and as an important resource to build on the wider development of participatory democracy in Scotland.


This project has been funded by the Scottish Government.  This is part of the Council’s commitment to empower communities and will evaluate the use of online tools for community involvement in decision making.