Argyll and Bute Council launches statutory consultation on draft traffic order which is designed to effectively manage parking and traffic in Luss

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11 Jan 2017 - 10:46

Following an informal public consultation Argyll and Bute Council has proactively developed parking and traffic management proposals for Luss which will put residents first, while at the same time supporting local businesses. 

These proposals have been developed following an extensive informal public consultation and are now going through the formal statutory process which is required to produce a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) – the means through which the council can enforce parking regulations.

Members of the public have until Friday 3rd February 2017 to provide any comments on the plans. These will then be considered by local councillors before any final decision is made.

Councillor Ellen Morton, Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, said: 

“The final plans will be shaped by the feedback we receive, and then determined by the legal processes the council has to follow. If people are interested in the proposals then they should take some time to look at the draft order, which is available at

“It is very important that people take this opportunity to have their say on the plans.

“Our proposals protect parking for residents in the centre of the village by way of a permit scheme. The spaces not occupied by permit-holding residents will be time limited, giving visitors the opportunity to park in the village for a short-term. This creates good turnover of spaces, which is what we want.

“There is additional parking in the off-street car park which provides a number of longer-term spaces for visitors.

“We are also looking to introduce a 20mph zone on the old A82 through the village to ensure effective traffic management and increase road safety.

“We cannot restrict access over the public road to residents only. The public are free to exercise their right of access unobstructed unless the road is stopped up or delisted.”