Middle leaders event hailed a huge success

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2 Feb 2017 - 15:44

Education staff from across Argyll and Bute and East Dunbartonshire recently attended an informative event at Colgrain Primary School aimed at encouraging partnership working amongst “middle leaders”.

Middle leaders are members of school staff who act as the middle person between senior leaders and classroom teachers. Whilst senior leaders set out the strategic aims and objectives, middle leaders work on the ground with teachers to ensure the policy is put into practice.

Guest speakers at the event included Professor Mark Priestly from Stirling University and ‘the real’ David Cameron - one of the UK’s leading voices of learning and education.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Education and Lifelong Learning, Councillor Rory Colville said: “This event provided staff from these two local authority areas to come together and see the benefits of middle leaders working in collaboration.

“Middle leaders are the cogs which help to keep a school running. They’re the ones that get everyone working together as a team. One of our key objectives in Argyll and Bute to strengthen leadership at all levels and this event certainly contributed to how we progress this.

“Not only did it allow middle leaders to share their ideas and discuss what motivates them, it also enabled them to meet fellow middle leaders from their neighbouring local authority and develop partnerships.”

Councillor Maureen Henry, Convener of East Dunbartonshire Council's Education Committee, said: "We have recognised for many years the specific skills needed by principal teachers and depute heads.

“The leadership event between Argyll and Bute and East Dunbartonshire was so successful because it highlighted the opportunities and challenges faced by this group of staff.

“Many of these professionals will go on to headship or will remain in key middle leadership roles and we have been working with Strathclyde University and the Scottish College of Educational Leadership to make sure that, whatever their role, they have all the skills needed to deliver the best for our children and young people."