Improvements to refuse and recycling collections in Soroba

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9 Feb 2017 - 16:56
Positive meeting between Soroba Residents’ Association, local councillors, Argyll and Bute Council and the Argyll Community Housing Association (ACHA) This morning representatives of the local community, ACHA and the council met to discuss the implementation of the new three-weekly refuse and recycling collection service in the Soroba area of Oban. Councillor Roddy McCuish, Chair of the Oban, Lorn and the Isles Area Committee, explained: “We had a very positive discussion, with the key improvement being that we will, subject to the approval of ACHA’s local committee on Monday 6th March, be providing additional 240 litre recycling bins to be stored in close areas once the necessary preparation works are completed. The exact number of bins is to be determined by the storage space available. Residents will have keys to these areas to prevent non-residents from using these bins. With more recycling bins available, we should see space saved in the general waste bins. “We’ll also be putting two 1100 litre general waste bins in, on a short-term basis, to help residents get used to the new model. We’ll look at putting a bottle bank in as well, further increasing the recycling options, as well as a mini recycling centre for card and plastics. “Our wardens will also be in Soroba to investigate pest reports. We appreciate that people are concerned, which is why we are getting on the front foot and looking into this. If anyone has any concerns at all they should call on 01546 605514. A good way of preventing pests is to make sure waste is bagged and that the lids of bins are firmly closed. “The new refuse and recycling service has been a big change for the community, and we thank them for working with us to help increase recycling. These improvements are a case of fine tuning the delivery of the new service. “The more we can work together to recycle the more money we can save. We can then protect the services people have told us are important to them like investing in regeneration projects, educating our young people, improving our road network and supporting vulnerable people.” ACHA’s Chief Executive, Alastair MacGregor, said: “I will be recommending to our local Area Committee on the 6th March that we invest in bringing back into use redundant storage areas to assist in recycling. This will involve a financial commitment from ACHA of £4,000 which we believe will assist our tenants and other residents in recycling initiatives by providing additional storage areas. If the go-ahead is given I believe the additional facilities will be available towards the end of April. In the round of things I believe this will also help in ensuring that there is adequate capacity to deal with waste management in the area.” He further added: “ACHA also welcomes the council’s commitment to look at putting in a bottle bank facility.” More details will follow.